more than one exam???

is there more than one cfa II exam each year? i have been avoiding the test question threads, but sometimes i see things by accident, and i don’t remember some of the questions mentioned at all. hoping i did all 120 Q’s and didn’t have some colossal screw-up.

yes there are a few threads on this seems there were 3 different versions of level 2 exam - along geographical lines - Asia/pac, europe, americas - probably to minimise time-zone arbitrage. Some questions were completely different item set facts (eg in version 6060/6161 our porter/industry question was about a differentiator hotel, but in US version it was about a metals cost-leader, also differences with ethics question, corp governanace question and probably a few others as well). Plus other questions just had same facts but different questions/answers. I try not to look at the detailed question threads - just confusing and depressing. But the fact that there are three versions makes comparing anwers completely pointless… good luck!