Morgan Stanley

I just recieved an email at work. It says there are rumors on the London trading floors that MS is going bust… SO… shit my portfolio (what is left of it) is there yikes!!!

Do you have any more details of this rumor? CDS unwind possibly?

No thats all i got. Its down nearly 28% already.

It’s a good thing I work for the other Morgan

Ha ha. The original Morgan? Maybe they’ll buy back their bastard son . . . But from reading yesterday’s Journal, I can believe this rumor . . .

Who’d have the guts to short MS over the weekend? You could just imagine the board convening over the weekend furiously trying to find capital and fend off Chapter 11. And on Sunday evening announce they’d blown up … sound familiar?

Well accoding to the SEC, you’re allowed to short sell stock again.

Sh!t, I’m glad I don’t work there anymore… I feel bad for all the FA’s that I worked with who received their bonuses in 100% MS common stock.

They could just short all their MS stock at this point, if still receiving bonuses in it to convert to cash.

You can’t short stock of your own company!

oh - they are still at MS? Yeah that would be bad . . .