Morning AM CFAI mock :(


This felt a lot harder than the 2 Schweser full mocks that I took.

Which one? Was it Version A that begins with the LaCompte case?

I found it to be difficult as well and got 63%. I got killed on Ethics and FRA.

Yeah the LaCompte Case one. Absolutely got murdered on FRA and Fixed Income.

Yeh it was hard

too much econ and FRA

I’m all over the place on mocks, 68-48%.

is tthe LaCompte the march mock or the june mock?

I don’t know. It doesn’t say on the test. What i’m getting is that some people have said this one is the hard one, some people say the other one is the hard one. I think whether its the hard or the easier one will depend on what you’ve studied for.

lacompte is the old mock. don’t worry, its really hard. i gave it a couple weeks ago and got a 48%. if its any consolation the afternoon session should be much easier.

I’m not going down without a fight.

Keep it up pmond! Rememeber - just take it as another devised way CFA can throw some hooks- the more you do now the better on real exam day

Thanks, the way I see it, I should be thankful that I am getting bad scores because its just exposing my weaknesses. If I just got tested on the subjects that I knew or if they didn’t ask hard questions that challenge my understanding, then its useless anyways.

I completely agree with you here!