Morning Mock/ Afternoon Mock

Morning Mock 2012 scored 39/60 = 65%,

Afternoon Mock 2012 scored 40/60 = 66.67%.

Do you think I am having any chance to pass Level-II bcz in actual exam there will be more pressures like anxiety, time & so on…

Yes definitely! You still have three full weeks to brush up on your weak areas and bring the score up to around 70-75%

My score was the same as yours in morning section- 39/60. Two areas in particular that brought the score down - FRA and Equity. So I’m concerned as they are the ones I shud be acing now.

I think that puts you in a very good place. Keep plugging away.

Yes, 20 more days, keep pushing! Looks like you’re right on the bubble right now of pass/fail and with 20 more days you can definately put yourself in a position to pass.