Morning Mock Whining.

I jjust took the CFA mock Morning Exam. Got 62%. I’m pretty upset. I do realize though, that in a few areas, I really need to “heat up”. Stuff, I’m kinda putting off memorizing till a few days before. plus I ran out of time and needed to hit like 2 or 3 questions a lot better… I guess 62 could be worse…Its just so frustrating to study constantly for months avoid your family, then poof…fail again. This is round 2 @ L2, Id be pretty bummed at failing again…

Well I got a 72 on the Afternoon. Pulled my total up to 67%. You guys think thats pretty good with 2 weeks left?

it’s not bad. but mocks are only part of it. you need to learn the mock concepts and add even more concepts/skills to your arsenal. KEEP GOING!

Oh yeah, definitely going to keep going… This thing is wearing me out.