Morning Suggestions

Guys, a few quick last minute suggestions before the big day:

  • The morning game plan should be to finish all topics, not to ace the exam. Plan your time carefully and keep track as you go. Do not fall behind!!! If necessary, move on and come back later.
  • Don’t worry if you feel crappy about the morning. It doesn’t mean you failed.
  • Don’t be disappointed if you get something completely wrong. For instance, you can blow the return requirement in Topic 1 and still do fine.
  • There will be some wild shit that you swear you never saw before. Nothing wrong with punting.

Roll with the punches. It’s their game.

Thanks, Hank!

Thats the big error I made last year. Spent twice the amount of time on Q1 to get it 100% right only to panic through the rest of the questions and end up with a band 8.

This time, I am going to stick to the allotted time and move on no matter what and come back to it in the end, if time permits. At least I will give myself an opportunity to attempt all the questions

Did you finish all the question in the end?

thanks v much, great advice.

Seems to be the common trend from last year, people not finishing up on time.

Arif suggested to take a minute to right down time allocation per question from 9am to 12pm so you know when time is up to move on.

Thanks Hank …

Yes and no. Yes because I tried to attempt all of them and no because I halfassed a lot of questions. I think what threw me off the most was panic and this time, I really hope and pray that wont happen