Morning vs Afternoon Test Questions (Actual Exam)

So, how different do you guys think they afternoon will be from the morning? I am just confused b/c it seems like they are going to have to ask similar questions on each test…Is that incorrect thinking? Any previous test takers have any insights?

I’ve noticed that the test is very balanced. If the quant and econ sections are easy, then the later sections are more difficult. If the later parts are easier, then the first parts are harder. So we’ll see how the morning session goes and then adjust accordingly.

Last December, both the morning and the afternoon sessions covered all sections, in roughly equal measure. Most people I talked to, including myself, felt that the afternoon session was more difficult.

Robert I’ve read that a few places, but I am wondering if it was more difficult because the questions were generally harder, or just because after so many hours the candidates were mentally a little bit drained. What do you think?