Morning Woke


there you have it, the sheep are so brainwashed they don’t even have to try. people are noticing, get woke.

You guys think I’m joking about disclosure, but it’s coming very soon, likely from Putin. Sightings like this one have been up dramatically.

This is no joke y’all. We’re finally going to get confirmation that we’ve never been alone. Pretty exciting.

Throw away your television…and any other monitor:


I wouldn’t pull at that thread.

raise your consciousness or die


TF thinking about new handle names he chooses … Charlie Work

shoulda been Charlie Woke

“There are going to be 9.6 billion people on the earth… which means theres going to be 40% less resources per person.”

Thats not how it works, dumbass

And turd, that vid you posted. So thats what you look like irl?

Chemtrails…what’s up with that?

I listened to the Alex Jones pre-interview stuff with Megyn Kelley. Seems like an interesting guy

you’re being poisoned every day. Eugenics, depopulation.

keep taking it up the ass people. it’s good for you.

is this your twitter?

Priming the masses for disclosure. Mark it down, we’re going to get official disclosure (likely very limited) by the end of the year.

hey guess what. Did you know we’ve had bases on the moon and Mars for decades? S2K - go ahead and confirm, it’s coming anyway.

Its just a god damn circle of rocks man.

This guy woke himself up.

this guy didn’t get the memo beforehand:

Yo BS - maybe time to rethink your position on 9/11 before we get full disclosure. Save face now: