Moscow Mitch

is this the best nickname in the last 10-20 years or what?

Not right to call people by inaccurate nicknames, that’s what school children do, thought our politicians were above this, sad

Is this activity worse when it involves a Russian business, as opposed to someone else?

its questionable since he is refusing to bring up a bill to vote on security of next election :wink:

we dont want ruskys meddling amiright6?

Our president got it under control:


I know this is a troll account, but I legitimately chuckled at this. More of this and less of the dumb stuff please.

Possibly since Slick Willy.

I want to buy you a beer someday

or “spank-me” for kamala harris

Ha, that’s friggin awesome.

Wasnt that Stormy’s nickname for the Donald?