MOST ambitious CFA charterholder

Is there really such a thing?

Quote, "Most Ambitious CFA Charterholder awarded by the CFA Institute in 2006. The President of the CFA Institute nominated me for this award. "

Also, does this look like a violation to you, “One of the youngest charterholders in the history of the CFA Institute.”?

I mean he has no way of knowing if he is THE youngest or amongst the youngest. Also, he listed it as an “Honor/Award”

And lastly, his linkedIn profile link has the term “CFA” in it.

Isn’t that ALSO a violation?

Tell me if I’m wrong.

The most ambitious things sounds like BS

Exactly. I have never heard of such a thing. And the ‘president’ seemed to have awarded him one.

He may be legit, I have actually seen an article about him in the CFA magazine a few years ago.

You would expect someone of his caliber to know that you can’t put CFA in a name/email/title Also, he is boasting about everything he has ever done (or not done). I find such people unappealing at best. I still don’t see how there can be an award? Maybe the president just said, “Oi you are ambitious” and he heard it wrong

Found this on youtube, “Manpreet Singh, CFA is interviewed by Bloomberg after Intel reports it’s earnings for the second quarter… Manpreet is considered an expert in the investment industry. This video was filmed from Bloomberg’s Washington DC location.” But wait, it gets better: Who must have posted such a video? Uploaded by msinghcfa on Oct 12, 2009 He himself!

Is there such thing as “the most ambitious award”? I really think that’s lame.

His resume is good… I don’t know about some of the thigs he claimes to be but finishing undergrad in 2.5 years and an MBA from The Wharton School and a CFA charter is something to brag about. Shoot I would!! But I guess he does over do it… maybe… I don’t know the whole story so cannot really judge him.

I personally dislike professionals who can’t be modest. How can you call yourself an expert, isn’t your opinion biased? Billionaires don’t brag as much as he does! Maybe he is just trying too hard… Interesting stuff

oh it is true!! So he was in the CFA magazine after all and it says “Most Ambitious.” So it wasn’t BS then.

This isn’t facebook where your friends look at it, it’s closer to an online resume, is a resume really a place to be modest?

The main idea is being truthful, and not inflating accomplishments… This guy has a great background though, no question about it. I went from hating him, to thinking he is the absolute man.

What a pile of w*nk. Did they ask me my life story? Or you? I find it embarassing. Ugh. Seriously, what is the point of it?

I suppose he is honest. True, the resume is not a place to be modest. But, you are trying to show your accomplishments as an individual. Not how you shattered the competition. That is for the reader to decide. For e.g., instead of writing, “I have been featured in the media for my success professionally, academically and socially. I have been frequently sought after as a technology/investment expert in the media” One could write, “Due to my continued contributions to the finance field, my opinion has been widely sought.” or something like that. Why would you call yourself an expert repeatedly? Just shows that you have a swollen head and would be unwilling to learn from others since you inherently feel superior to them.

complete rubbish. If he came in for an interview he would immediately be cast as “difficult”. Most ambitious my azz, he is just making up for his lack of size elsewhere. I rather rub Amanda Lang’s feet.

Precisely my point, Frank. Way too much ‘pride’ in his resume.

funny thing is, as smart as this guy is, he has a blind spot to how others will perceive him. two steps forward, two steps back. unless you’re in sports, bragging about your accomplishments normally isn’t well received.

He sure looks like a tool and pretty much everything in his profile confirms that look.

I’m still in complete shock that this is true. I gotta tell you though, if I was actually named “Most Ambitious CFA Charterholder” by CFA Institute, I’m pretty sure I would put that on my resume.