Most appropriate way to include CFA in resume

Hi everyone,

I recently passed CFA Level 1 *woot* and was wondering what is the best way to include this in my resume. I’m currently looking for an entry level financial analyst position and I’m trying to market my CFA participation since I do not have work experience.

Is it appropriate to put “Passed CFA level 1” somewhere at the beginning of my resume in a “Acheivements” section or should I just leave it at the end?

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

put it under education somewhere state that you are a LX candidate then date. DONT put it under achievements. Or put under other credentials if you have that section.

Don’t put it under achievements because it is not an achievement

Thanks! Ill update my resume now


put it under hobbies/interests

Put it in education above your undergrad.

I agree

I would put it in the header - “Paranoid2312, CFA*”

*Not actually a charterholder. Passed L1.

Don’t forget to add that you passed level 1 on the first try. And also mention the number of topics you had > 70 % on. You have to be as transparent as possible.

Are you allowed to say your grades?

Are you allowed to pass level 1 and not know the answer to this question?

What is your real name? I am going to report you to CFAI.

Sure. You can’t say you got a perfect score because you don’t know. But you can say all >70% and look like a dbag. no one’s stopping you there

I don’t understand whats wrong with my question. I know its not an acheivement so i’m asking how to best put it on my resume. Some employers are looking for CFA participation and thats what im trying to show. I am not suggesting that passing level 1 guarantees amazing performance and results. Im not putting passed on 1st try because I know that sounds bad.

You could include it in education or a seperate section for other information (people choose to call that various things as appropriate).

There was nothing unreasonable about your question by the way. Ignore the people telling you passing level 1 is not an achievement. It is. Most people fail remember and by highlighting it on your cv it shows that you are taking the exams so it would be foolish to omit.