Most boring reading....please submit your pick...

…Trying to be a bit lighthearted about this and inject a wee bit of humour in to this. Please tell us what you think is the most boring reading so far in Level 3. I haven’t gotten very far into the material but I think that Reading 18: Multiple Asset Locations has to be one of the most dull. GRAT’s, GST’s and defective trusts, its enough to put one to sleep, unless one happens to be the beneficiary of a very large one!

That was boring (reading 18) but i could see hte value in knowing it and understand how it coudl show up on the test. My pick though, without question becuase i can’t see us being tested on it in any depth would be… Corporate Governance.


Solid call on GIPs. so boring. But the relevance to the test makes me pay more attention to it (and because i see the value, it becomes less boring in my eyes).

Hmmm, I see there is practical value to this thread after all. Please keep responses coming. Maybe I’ll be more inspired to slogg through the boring bits if people think they are particularly relevant. Agree with a lot of people on GIP’s being dull but I guess the fact that it was so relevant to the exam that Schweser even printed a special bookmark devoted to it made it seem interesting with regards to the test. Moreover, if you invest in stuff with a NON–GIP compliant firm or fund then I think GIP’s might have some practical value of helping you determine what you should be asking for from them…but perhaps I’m grasping at straws.

Freaking GIPS…there is no way I can remeber all these.

fixed income

Agree FI readings boring, but when one has finished them, definitely feel like one knows the material and not a lot of extraneous crap. Which is difficult to say about most readings …

Nobody called Ethis? Same old material 3 times (4 for me)? I’d vote for it. CG and fixed income also boring though.

ethics is the same. why read it again?

Definitely not rereading ethics… Basicallly anything on pensions is boring to me.

Corp. Governance. Why would CFAI put something, that reads like, an academic paper here? Level II reading was tolerable, but this is really over the top.