most boring

Alternate investments is eating my head like anything … It very boring-- cant handle it …it carries a lot of weight atleast 2 questions will be from there if it comes in PM… Dont know how u guys are managing that study session

just read through it and keep it going …and think about the coming SS on risk management thts one of the coolest SS soo far…

AI is alright, corporate governance if brutal though.

I actually disagree. I found alot of material far worse than AA’s.

+1 for corp governance

You will have so much fun in GIPS SS.

Risk management is brutal… Took longer than scheduled to read. Now that i’m thro the books once, i’m wondering how to remember all these in 98 days

I find SS 1 - 18 most boring.

i just finished my first read of GIPS - information overload! If this SS were to come in the AM section - I will be so screwed.

I’ll drop a line when I read GIPS but i hated it when I was studying for L1. we’ll see…

I have read Schweser SS1-SS6.5 (half of SS7) So far, it was that part in SS4 about tax structures. I remember nothing except how unbelievably boring it was.