most challenging stuff that you struggle with as analyst

It’s just we never organazied our data in that sense. We decline people’s applications for 20 different reasons but we do not have the information on which specific reason on the algorithm hierarchy they sepecifically hit 2 years ago.

I was going to post something similar. Sometimes I wonder if they can do arithmetic but just don’t care.

Earnings season is rough. The companies in my space all report right on top of each other for a few reasons, which means it’s an extremely rough 5 or so days every quarter. Having a couple before the open, with a couple after the close makes for really early mornings and late nights.

True, I worked in subprime and saw that. :wink:

Sometimes they don’t want to say that they saw the numbers…

are we talking lines here?

From a technical point of view, the most challenging aspect in my career has been to fix project finance models where no matter how you tailor your debt, your debt ratios end up blowing up.

It’s usually a formula anomaly but it can take hours to figure out.