most challenging stuff that you struggle with as analyst

Looks like there are a lot of analysts here. I am starting out as financial analyst, just want to know what’s ahead of me. What’s the most challenging stuff you struggle with in your job? What’s your long-term career goal?

What kind of analyst…

Financial analyst


im pretty sure galli was looking for a bit more detail, like will you be looking at investments (if so equity focus, debt focus, etc.) will you be in FP&A something like that.

also I would say the single most challenging piece of analysis I do is come up with revenue projections for companies.

It really doesn’t matter… any kind of analyst will have something challenging in the job. Won’t hurt to share or hear it.

Well you specifically asked what’s ahead of you, bud. Kind of hard to tailor specific responses if you won’t give up what it is you’re analyzing. Lol.

Anyway, for me specifically… alarm clocks are a real pain in the butt. Especially when they go off. Like what the heck is up with that?

My long term goal is to not use an alarm clock.

Lol…I see your point. The reason why I ask this way is that I keep my options open.

I currently work for a small construction company, so I do many things. I do budget for the project, cash flow projection for the company and specific projects. I would say it’s corporate finance and also a little bit real estate investment.

If I see someone’s problem is what I actually good at, I can plan my career path towards that person’s long term goal. Also it’s intersting to see what kind of life other analysts are having.

Also, I have a solution for you. Fitbit! keep vibrating until you wake up.

i struggle to eat healthy and stay in shape

I was a corporate finance analyst for a while. Hardest thing was trying not to get caught on Kongregate playing games.

Now I am a portfolio analyst at an RIA. Hardest thing is waking up at 6:15. Usually count to 3 at 6:45 and then force myself out of bed.

Keeping the groupies away. Lotta coattail chasers out there.

Well the job function really matters. I do analytics and the most challenging aspect of my job is data in any sense. Right now CFPB is requesting data from us and we do not have any data available for what they are asking for, so most probably we are gonna get fined!

To actually answer the question… I’m a lifer, been at it for many years. I guess the only persistent problem I’ve encountered; high level recipients of the analyses (the decision makers) who aren’t able to comprehend the analyses. That was more a problem in the early days, as you work with smarter people and become better at communicating the results it becomes less of a problem, but it still occasionally comes up. While there are plenty of super smart people in decision making positions, there are also a lot of dipshits. Ivy leaguers in the top 1% of income, who can’t do arithmetic. Go figure.

^100% agree.

OP, don’t get caught up in the complexity of your analysis but rather focus on presenting complex analysis in a 1 sentence conclusion. When I was a young analyst I once built a model so complex but yet so beautifully dynamic but the CFO was so impressed by the use of a slicer on a pivot chart. After that meeting I started applying for other jobs.

you have to decide which models and which bottles you are going to go for

What do you mean by data in any sense… You mean you don’t have the data available? or you didn’t organize the data in the way CFPB want?

Good point!

I totally resonate with that. The mindset seems to be more important than technical excel skills. What are you doing for your current job? and what’s your next step?

My job is kind of a mix of budget, FP&A, and a little real estate investment. Is revenue projection a large part of your job? What’s your next step in career?