Most challenging topic of L3

I don’t know if anyone has reached Reading 44 yet, but I find the calculations for currency allocation contribution, market allocation contribution, etc. confusing. For those who did the exam last year, was this section covered?

At the risk of sounding offensive I ask is it in the LOS?

I thought CFA clearly indicated in the first few pages of every book that candidates are responsible for everything in the curriculum besides the sections marked optional.

Check out question 9 for the June 07 exam. Remember that market and security should be done in local and don’t try to convert to base.

I’ve only read SS 3-6 so far. But I can say already that behavioral finance will be my worst area… I am not comfortable with the material… A little too vague & boring reading throught the CFAI book…

CFAI Volume 5 so complicated…Option, swap, etc. :slight_smile:

I liked V.5. I regard those as “bread and butter” questions; in so far as they are quantitative, so you know if you got the right or wrong answer and if you know it well you will get some pretty good marks. In regard to Trader’s response to my response, the readings are required as outlined, however the depth of learning is based upon the LOS statements (so although there may be an extended over-exposition of a concept, flushing it out or developing a formula you won’t need to know all the nuances and some things you don’t need to know as indepth). If we are only required to explain a basic concept or apply a formula, as per an LOS, they won’t ask us to flush out a derivation of a formula or give a highly specialized “complex” application of a concept to something outside the confines of what is taught. In addition, they mention that we can rely on the examples and questions (both are required), and this will give a feel for how many of the questions may be ask. Although I wouldn’t put it past them to stray a touch away from the LOS requirements, I’ve followed this format pretty stringently and was pretty successful getting through L1 and L2 without over studying or over learning the material.

hoan0106, You totally solved my problem. I was confused over there. Thanks! : )