Most depressing thing I've seen so far

I watched some congressman on CNBC today say that he would vote for a bailout bill even if his constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to it and it would cost him his job. I almost cried. This is a fundamental breakdown in how our government is supposed to operate. Civil service is truly dead, career politicians with no expertise and massive egos are all we’ve got.

Should they cater to every whim?

I found something MORE depressing

joemontana Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Should they cater to every whim? Whim!!! Anecdotal reports are something like 300:1 opposed to a deal. For a “representative” to give those 300 a proverbial FU should be criminal. And what about people who actually understand this stuff? I’m not talking about Paulson and Bernanke since they have all of the credentials and none of the knowledge, I mean people like the many economists who’ve already signed that petition to at the very least slow this process down. They all just get brushed off.

supersharpshooter Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > kevincarter.jpg WHY?? that was random

There is the delegate model and the trustee model of representation. Delegates are supposed to do what their constituents ask them to do, trustees are supposed to do what they feel is in the best interests of their constituents, whether they are asking for it or not. In general, the elected terms of officials suggest that House representatives are more of a delegate and Senators are more like trustees, but these things can also vary by issue.