most difficult book after book 3?

Am on holidays till CFA exam. Am on Book 3 schweser notes and been thinking which book should I do next? Fixed income and alternative assets OR Portfolio management and derivatives? Moreover is it possible to finish the next two books in 2 weeks? (Studying 12hrs a day)

i’d just advise going in order

do you even retain a lot of info after the 8th hour of studying?

Go with fixed income, follows somewhat of an order.

CPAbeatsCFA: Well yeah I do, cos am making notes as I study through… Got the notes revising after am done with the chapter Okay cool, would go in an order but I hear portfolio mgmnt n derivatives is way tougher

Question? How did you manage to get that many days off taken all at once? That is like 6 weeks. Most employers look at that negatively or don’t even allow that much to be taken all at once.

BigRed08 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Go with fixed income, follows somewhat of an > order. Do Fixed Income before Derivs it makes the tree problems much easier.

Bayofpigs: Well my company gave me unpaid leave so that is how it is :slight_smile: Cpepin: Thanks