Most difficult section in Level 3

An opinion question as to what is the most difficult section? I am scared that the material seems to getting more difficult as I progress.

If you should be scared about some thing, Be scared about ss4 and ss5. One passes or fails in ss4 and ss5. We all will pass …mostly…be confident. There is ample time :slight_smile: Good luck.

yup it’s 4 and 5. Deceptively easy material but on the exam you will be second guessing yourself unless you really know this material well.

SS5— Performance evaluation … Too much theory…

I disagree…SS15 is by far the hardest, followed closely by SS4 and SS5 SS9 and SS10 are no slouches either

SS15 is a beast

I thought SS 10 was the most difficult and SS 5 has a lot of things that require memorization that I have yet to do. I didn’t think SS 15 was all that difficult, it was just extremely long. The option information is all very intuitive (to me) and the first reading kept using basically the same formula over and over. The third reading used a very similar formula only you multiply by the notional instead.

SS 1 and 2 – My brain finds it difficult to study something that does not apply in the real world. Ohh wait. I think the entire CFA curriculum does not apply in the real world. So, I find everything difficult to understand.

SS 15 isn’t fun…I’m just getting ready to hit the SWAPs, what a joy

SS15 was one of the few SS I passed last year and didn’t find it too hard in review but can see it would how it can be seen as difficult the first time your read the material. The thing is it’s an easy SS to master as you either understand the stuff or you don’t, once you get it you get it and it’s a lot of the same idea just structured differently. There is also a limited number of ways that you can ask questions on the material so doing practice problems really makes the material easy to understand. Obviously if you are just trying to memorize the formula you will battle with the material but if you understand why the calc is what it is you can pretty much figure out all this stuff. With SS4 and SS5 you can read the material and think it all makes sense (probably where most people come short in Level 3, with this and other SS’s) but applying it on the exam under time pressure is a different animal. You’ll want to write long answers for each question when what you have to do is get your point across in 2 or 3 lines, don’t be fooled by the readings that’s the stuff that you are going to battle to get right.

obviously this is a very subjective question. For me (I took L3 twice already) the most difficult part is the IPS. I think you have to be good at being able to put a lot of different things together while ignoring distractors, which I haven’t mastered yet. This requires immense focus, especially under time constraints.