Most difficult topic covered

I have gone though 15 out of 18 study sessions so far, I have by no means mastered the material yet, just did a read through as I started studying about 3-4 weeks ago.

So far I have found that Quant is the biggest pain in the ass vs the other sections. I have yet to do Corporate Finance and Fixed Income.

Anyone else feel Quant is the most difficult section?

I have found study session 9 most difficult, finished 1-10 quant was not the easiest but most of the concepts are fairly introductory, only tough thing for me is remembering which circumstances dictate which test should be utilized.

I’ve done Ethics, Quant, Econ, and FRA so far and I think FRA (especially study sessions 8 and 9) is the toughest by far. I actually found Quant to be the easiest. Ethics I found to be alright once I did a lot of practice problems from the QBank. I was an Econ minor in college, so that topic I breezed through.

yeah, session 9 by far is the hardest, im finishing it up now and hopefully will move on by the end of this week. im going to do the EOC and elan guides questions over and over until i understand every concept in that session perfectly. quant isnt “hard” but i find it really boring.

Reading 17 and taxes!

Fixed Income was pretty rough for me…

Quant is a very math based logic section based on memorization.