Most difficult topics Level 2?

Hi everyone,

After clearing CFA this year, I decided to take advantage of the CAIA Level I waiver and sit for CAIA Level II in March 2020.

I started reading the book and just finished Part I ‘Asset Allocation and Institutional Investors’, which I found interesting but pretty straightforward.

As I would like to focus on the most ‘technical’ or ‘advanced’ topics, I wanted to ask you which section I should tackle first.


As a charterholder you will probably know that level of difficulty per individual subject area is subjective and depends quite a lot on your background but what I can tell you is that each chapter has some parts which are challenging (especially the way it is written sometimes which necessitates to reach out to other references in order to be clear). Real Assets and Hedge Funds are quite demanding because of the scope and also some technicalities (smoothing techniques - especially if you wanna have a more detailed look into it in your private time). Structured Products should not be underestimated as well…

Awesome feedback thank you very much!