Most efficient way to apply for jobs in different cities?

What is the best way to deal with applying to jobs in different cities?

Flying for every interview opportunity doesn’t seem efficient at all so I’m wondering if employers are generally open to conducting their interviews remotely (phone, Skype etc.) or is it better to try and schedule all interviews within a certain time frame to be able to attend in person?

Usually the first screener/introduction interview is via phone/skype, but most serious positions will lead to an in-person interview. If you’re about to hire someone for good money, wouldn’t you want to meet the person? It’s usually the company’s call. If they ask, you say you’re open to flying (if they pay for it, which they should), or via phone. If you have multiple interviews (good for you!), it can’t hurt to say you’d prefer a remote interview, although the final interview will probably have to be in person. Don’t blow the per-diem on steak dinners (lol). We once had a guy come in who sent a $100 receipt for dinner, which we reimbursed. He was not offered the position. I was once offered a position in the middle east (which I accepted). The interview was via skype. It wasn’t practical for them to fly me in from the east coast to the Gulf.

Absolutely agree, I would expect to have to fly there for the “final” interview, but my worry was if they’d just want me to come for the initial interviews (I pay for the trip) where my chances of being hired are still unclear.

Ha, interesting, I did not know that they would usually pay for this. Logically it seems that I should be the one paying for it since they are indifferent between hiring someone who’s currently in the city or outside the city. But then again, if this is for the final interview, it makes sense if they really like that person and are trying to finalize bringing him on board.

Do you think salary negotiations are usually done early on or during the final interview only? It would be a waste of time for both if they have different expectations about expected salary or range…

When I have to fly a long way for an interview, I typically discuss a salary range first and then in the final stages, we nail down a number. Usually the final interview talks about the number, bonus, career progression, superiors, and start date.

Compensation range is usually one of the first things companies ask, so they don’t have to waste time if you are incompatible with what they are looking to pay. Obviously, the final agreement is decided later.

If it’s a big company, they would typically have a set policy of paying for some/all of it (did for me, but that was 2006). If it’s a small company, if they are good people, they should offer to pick up some of the cost. If it is a lower level position, they should assume you prob don’t have many resources and foot some of the bill.

That being said, if it is a lower level position in a big city, they may have a ton of local people that would do just fine, and not need to bother with people from far away, so they might not care.

Like someone said above - I’d expect a skype or phone interview first. In person after that in the final rounds.

If you really want the job for your career progression, a couple hundred bucks to fly shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Thanks guys, this is definitely helpful.

Yup absolutely agree. My worry was that if a lot of employers require you to fly in for the initial interview, then it would definitely be a case of quality vs. quantity in terms of which ones to attend to in person.