Most hit country

Which country in your opinion will suffer the most in this credit collapse crisis? My vote goes to Iceland:The govt of iceland is trying to bailout the Kaputhing Bank whose assets amount to 623% of the nations’s GDP!. Wow,that was some leverage.if archimedes had such leverage he would have lifted the solar system. from seeking alpha blog: “The main supermarket can’t get imported goods because they have no currency. The shops are half empty. One of the store managers has advised people to start hoarding. We’re running out of oil. And winter came last night - about a month early”

Didn’t Sarah Palin meet with the President of Iceland? Let’s blame her.

I blame Bjork. Seriously, isn’t iceland the defacto leader in innovative energy resources?

ditto on Iceland.

They already have an inverted yield curve. They may look bad but at least the gov’t is addressing their 14% inflation.