Most important (mock) exams

I have taken the CFAI Mock exam, and with a few days to go, am deciding which sample/mock exams to focus on. Here are my choices: CFAI Mock Exam – Done 1. CFAI Sample Exam (from the website)** 2. Schweser Practice Exams (volume 1 and 2, 3 tests each, so 6 total) 3. QBank set of 120 questions What is the most important, if I have time to only take one (maybe two) and review before Saturday? Also, I have fully reviewed the CFAI Mock exam, but is it useful of my time to review this mock exam again, to make sure I grasp everything? I assumed the CFAI sample exam is more important than the Schweser exams, but wanted to see what others thought of how to BEST spend my next 3-4 days. Thanks.

probably go with CFA sample exam… I still have 2.5 full schweser exams(5 sessions total). I would not be completing it, rather planning to take 1 session per day for the next 3 days (Friday sit back and revise) and see if I have improved on my weak areas/ found new weak area :slight_smile: