most important reading ?

Could someone please tell me, which readings or volumes are most testable in cfa level 3 exam ?

reading 8e IPS steps.

least - reading 24 (alt) , 32 gips

Ethics always important.

I will have to agree that IPS is a must read. It is a no-secret that you will most likely see at least 1 to 2 problems on this topic.

GIPS has been a curveball for me in every level of the CFA. I don’t know how one can memorize all the specific rules (luckily the overall ones are initutively enough to guess on the test)

so in short i should be on top of volume 2?

At detriment to yourself. All the curriculum builds on itself. There is a lot of testing done from Vol 2 - but given the nature of the testing - most of it in the AM section - you would do well to score a 51-70% here - and then hope to make up for the difference in the remaining portions.

In all - the exam format does not lend itself to gaming it. Try not to think that you have mastered the material in Vol 2 - because there are tons of ways the material can be tested, and you might end up getting the short end of the stick there.

Thank you all:D