Most Overrated & Most Underrated

These are some of what I think are overrated or underrated.

Overrated movie: Citizen Kane. Many sites refer to this movie as the best movie ever. C’mon. Shallow story (rosebutt) and a lot of overacting. Critics appraise this movie for its “Cinematic Creativity”; this is another way of saying that the movie has nothing except a different use of lights, shadow, and cardboard backdrops.

Underrated movie: Star Wars episodes 1, 2 &3. The new series were victim of old nerds who always refer to “those good old days”. Another issue of the new series is Jar Jar Binks. Normally nerds (God bless their pure souls) , love the movies that help them escape to an alternative universe. Nothing is wrong with that. The problem with Jar Jar Binks is that he is too related to nerds’ normal personality. His scenes are awakening moments for the nerds. Bad reality.

Overrated Director: Woody Allen. Dangerously boring movies. More boring if he acts in them. I’ll summarize his artistic style: give a false hope that a beautiful successful lady would fall in love with a financially poor version of Woody Allen.

Underrated Director: Mel Gibson.

Overrated Actor: Ben Stiller. I like Ben Stiller, but he’s not that great. The same goes with Adam Sandler.

Underrated Actor: Jim Caviezel. I dunno why critics said, even before the release of the Passion of the Christ, that his acting of Jesus would end his career? His acting was epic. He deserves more roles. Why nobody said that the Ten Commandment would end the career of Charlton Heston? Actually, Heston became more successful after the Ten Commandment. Why playing Jesus is different than playing Moses?

Overrated Singer: Barbara Streisand. On Cruise Ships, she can be among the very best. Ashore, she’s above average, one among many, not a distinguished Diva.

Overrated City: NY. People will talk about museums and cultural sites. But the bare fact is that Times Square is the no:1 tourist destination. Billboards, Starbucks, Toys R Us, Forever 21, Bubba Gump, and the Lion King show. This is it.

Underrated City: Tokyo. It’s a continent condensed into one mega city.

Underrated: 6 figure plumbing jobs that don’t require an expensive 4-yr college degree and loads of debt

Overrated: Sarah Palin

Underrated: Sarah Palin’s speech in support of Trump; and the frequent “wtf?” look of Trump. This is gold.

I’ve heard so many great movie producers and directors talk about how Citizen Cane literally changed their life and made them want to make movies. The most recent was William Friedkin on Maron’s podcast this week. I have to think this sort of thing is the reason why it’s held in such high regard.