Most pain in the butt company

So due to changing my house I had to contact verizon for a new service address. Their damn stupid AI bot takes 1 hour to let you get in touch with the customer representatives, the customer representatives all trained to make you feel at ease by asking stupid questions like how is the weather and … take about 10 minutes for you to get your point across which is a very simple change of address request. I feel due to long term contracts and semi market monopoly they really don’t give a damn about customer satisfaction. P.s: meanwhile the customer representatives are listening to your problem they think it’s super smart to shove some stupid limited time offer down your throat .

cool story, bro… =/

do you have a personal quota of starting at least one new useless thread per day?

p.s. yes, i realize my comment is equally as useless as your post.

If you have an issue with Verizon, it’s probably because you have never dealt with the satanic spawn that is Comcast. On the West Coast, Comcast has basically a monopoly in some areas, and they get away with treating customer truly like crap. Prices are also 2x that of Verizon. Here on the East Coast, at least Verizon and TWC compete with one another, so the service is measurably better (even if you would not call it good service).

The call center folks don’t give special treatment to their fellow Indians? That’s messed up.

@Ohai- True. I have heard equally bad shit about comcast.

Just press 0 until you get someone, that’s what I do. Ain’t nobody got time to talk to a bot.

I do this. but some companies have caught on and I’m getting more “entry incorrect” responses these days

pro tip: say you want to cancel service. you will get support really fast