Most sessions on economics are taken from level 1?

What did 2007 version cover on economics?

Does it matter? Let’s just do a group sigh of relief… *whew*

Seriously. With econ, regression, and virtually all of ethics unchanged it’s harder and harder for me to get motivated to study right away. Plus this mild weather is leaving golf very much in the picture on the weekends…

i found Economics of Level II more interesting because of the chapter on all the parities relations.

According to Schweser, there are some one Level 1 materials like Economics, regression, capital structure, etc and L3 materials such as Time Series, portfolio concept, etc move to L2

I echo that maratikus - I am reading about Parity relations now and finding it very interesting.

What about Corporate Finance? At least 50% of it is from Level I. I spent only 3 days on the whole thing instead of planned 8.

According to Schweser’s, there is a big change in Corporate Finance’s section. The 2007 Level 1 on capital stucture and dividend policy is moved to 2008 L2. The cost of capital’s topic is dropped. But there is a new long reading on M&A.

A long reading on M&A is more like an evening leisure reading.

Let hope so. I am still waiting for my books from CFAi and Schweser.

VS LI basically,reading 20 is different, some of 19 is more hardcore, 14 is new… VS old LII its all different and messed up, ICAPM is gone to PM, and some other readings (incl. asian economy) are gone

Yea parity relationships are up there with my all time favorites of tipping cows and being subject to a full body cavity search - what else would you do on a Saturday night?