Most unexpected asset on PE's books?

I was just creeping an individuals LinkedIn for some background info on a job posting and, under the description of the PE, they list various assets - “with varied investments including land, development, oil and gas, portfolio investments, and race horses.

I mean, I guess it makes sense - they’re worth a lot of money - but it got me thinking. What are the most surprising assets/investments you’ve seen on company’s books?

At a former jerb I was bored one day and decided to see who had the most cash - came across one individual who had ~550MM in ST treasuries, straight cash homie. That blew my mind and made me want to get a rusty hacksaw.

I recently discovered that my parents have been hoarding cash for 30 years. Wtf?? I was so pissed off.

I know a guy who’s always been bearish to the point where he really thinks the world is coming to an end (i.e. complete collapse of the financial system). He’s been long gold for the last 4 years but actually keeps it in a safe he’s built under his house. He’s also got a massive vegetable garden in his back yard.

^ George Costanza had the same issue. Classic episode.