Mother Of All Bombs

Breaking: US military has dropped most powerful non-nuclear US bomb, MOAB, targeting ISIS in Nangarhar, Afghanistan – first ever combat use

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Huh, I thought we used that in Tora Bora? Guess not. We’ve also dropped similar, slightly smaller bombs before. Not really a big deal. These types of bombs are designed to clear away jungle for helicopters to land (Vietnam, mostly), destroy underground bunkers and cave hideouts, and generally kill people.

wonder what the development costs for this were. Any pictures? Why not just you lots of smaller bombs? Would be cool to see either way

wiki of it

Idrk if it’s a big deal or not, but being that I’m not a big bomb guy the name kinda made it sound like something of significance had occurred.

lmao a link on the wiki says after the US made this russia had to make the “Father of all bombs” so yes PA, it is certainly just a weiner measuring contest

it sure looks pretty cool

Intel was that there was a large underground network of caves that ISIS was gathering at along hte Pakistan border. They created this during the Iraq war precisely for destroying underground cave networks. A bunch of smaller bombs will just cause more scattered damage, a large bomb will penetrate deeper into the ground and create a more seismic blast to collapse caves and such.

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How hard can it be to make a more powerful bomb? Just add more smaller bombs onto it, amiright?

Exactly. Just like if you want louder music, just double the number of speakers you’re using.

Dev costs, unknown. But apparently they cost 16m each. That’ll show those terrists that we’re winning against them and their shovels and donkeys, we’ll spend $16m to blow a couple of them up. We will kill, at ANY cost.

Boom baby.

cool thanks for the rundown! also im with stl i got a semi from this

that’s what I wondered when I read in wiki “…developed for the United States military by Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory”. Was my boy Albert holed up in the office one night drawing mad equations on a blackboard when it hit him, “why don’t we add like an additional metric ton of TNT to our current bomb you guys?”

Wouldn’t it be much cheaper just to shut the funding of these organizations?

Books not bombs. Almost 1/2 the Afghan population is under 15 years of age. Bombing the sh*it out of the country will only extend this problem years into the future. Build schools and educate.

Need to do both. Books to fight them in the future, weapons to fight them now.

Late 2016, 300 schools destroyed in two months:

Terrorist attack on university:

Throwing acid on girls faces for being educated past the age of 8:

Poisoning more than 100 girls with gas for attending school:

Shutting down more girls schools:

I think you missed my point BS.