Mother of God

Free Sample = 67% (something like that) Sample 2 = 46% (I still want to kick sand in the CFAI’s eyes for that one) Mock 1 = 81% Ethics = 100% Quant = 67% (A little disappointed as I thought this was a strength) FSA = 75% Corp Fin = 100% (No idea how I got those Corp Governance questions right) Equity = 92% FI = 50% (Rough) Deriv = 100% PM = 67%

i hate to say it nib, but. I told you. good job.

cfasf1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i hate to say it nib, but. I told you. good job. I took it because of what you said, thanks for your advice.

Wow, your Mock 1 results by category are practically identical to mine! And the score is too :wink:

Very, very nice!!! cfasf1, have you done any tests recently? You were scoring 70s a few weeks ago already.

Nibs has arrived.

the last full one i took was the first mock over the weekend. got a 78. i’ll take mock 2 tomorrow… i’ve been doing book 7, 3 vignettes at a time. after yesterday’s vignette, i feel like i need to relearn fsa. then again, it was one of those ridiculous book 7 vignettes that seemed like a foreign language to me. the review never freaking ends with this test. if it’s not one thing it’s the other…

congrats Nib!! Keep it rolling…3 more days…

Agreed with the review thing, I just can never get full damage control. As soon as I build up a weakness, I turn around and realize one of my strengths has evaporated.

The mocks are so much better than the samples. I changed at least 10 answers when I went over the questions before submitting them (always seem to do that for some reason). Seeing that red really phucked with my mind.

Great job Nibs…I will write mock 2 tmw. I did not know you can change your answers – I would have easily changed 5 of them…I did shite on it.

yup. i’m a headcase too. (not calling you a headcase, nib, you know what i mean) but i don’t need the freaking red screen punch to the nose WHILE i’m taking the test!! and not being able to review/change your answers is ridiculous… i really do think mocks are better constructed, and i swear i’m not just saying that because i got a higher score on it.

I would like to have at least ONE high score and so far I have none…still nibs thats a nice score and you know your stuff well

Way to go Nib!