Mother of the Year–abc-news-topstories.html

Cliff Notes Version: Mom saw her son on TV throwing rocks at police in Baltimore, went out, found him, smacked him upside his head.

the mom on the other thread who had a party for her 18y/o is better.

thats just excellent

Good for her.

It’s important to know most of the black community feels this way. Most don’t want to be associated with looting and violence. Unfortunately, not many want to lead their community out of it either.

Excellent mother.

That’s why I am saying, why justify the behavior of punks who trash their own neighborhood? They are not representing any kind of civil rights movement. They are just being asses and embarass all the well behaved people in the community.

For that kid to be there in the first place, hoodied up and throwing projectiles with intent to harm, the mom probably screwed up somewhere along the way in raising him. So now it’s too little too late. He’ll just be back out there tomorrow.

single mommyhood aint easy

btw…from movies it seem like u get punished in usa if u smack ur kids.right? so how in the world are u supposed to discipline them then??

Finally, a mother of one of these punks doing the right thing. SMACK THAT KID.

CNN intervierwed her and apparently she has six kids. She was worried that he’d be killed by the police since he was out there. Legitimate fear or not people in these neighborhoods think their kids may get killed by the police everytime they leave the house.

oh i thought he stole her EBT card and bought candy

Is throwing rocks at armed police also part of everyday activity?

Their odds of getting killed rise when rioting.

Six kids. Single mother. One flash in the pan instance of doing the right thing, and she gets all the attention. Superior mothers (unrelated to Mothers Superior) who raised their sons to not go rioting get no attention. Go figure.

Actually, no. Courts have upheld parents’ right to spank or smack their kids.

You get punished when it crosses the line into abuse, like burning or broken bones etc.

LOL good call

Odds of getting killed also rise when you attack a cop inside his car and try to take his gun.