Motivation for the week ahead

I took the whole of yesterday off in anticipation of a heavy week ahead. Then today, all I’ve managed is to watch half an Elan video on the couch. Now sitting at my desk not really feeling super motivated to hit the books.

I think the fact that I have 5 full days ahead plus tonight is making it easy to find excuses to procrastinate. The last 3 months, I’ve had little chunks of time to study so I’ve really had to maximize making the most of these times.

Anybody else feeling in need of a restart to get going on this week?

I have been revising from schweser and also doing EOCs and practice mocks for the past one week for consistantly long hours. today I am planning on watching a movie or something at night just so I can relax and take my mind of exam stress! I am extra tense cause my results haven’t been good!

Yea, I feel exacty the same as you Clever. Yesterday, I’ve even met my mate from estate whom I haven’t seen for 5 years (we’re both 23). He started a company 3 years ago and sells yachts in lower price rage (

This made me so unmotivated. Now I am wondering why this CFA. Will be sitting 10 hrs a day in the office in front of computers and looking at numbers and charts, while others make great money selling boats, swimming in lakes and having every day like holidays.

This is all f**** messed up!

Guys, bring some motivation with your posts!

VCs are more inclined to give you money if you have a charter because you will be more credible. So hit the books, pass the test, then come up with a business idea and go swim in a lake. :slight_smile: