Motivation to perform?

I have problem with motivation nowadays …

Company has gone through bad performing period so no bonus no incremental for sure. My ex-colleague has jumped to new company with a doubled salary, and now I cover her role so I’m doing exactly the same thing with half salary. My performance review is overall 0.3/5 less than hers due to a mistake I had by leaving my phone unattended on Saturday for an urgent unexpected case to solve, the rest is the same (but there was no bad consequences, and this is not my core area).

Now, to be honest, I definitely love my job!! However I’m a bit pissed with the overall performance of the company which I had no control over and there’s no incremental/bonus this year to match with the job market. Seriously I would be happy with just 7-8% increase, not even dream of 100% increase. So these days I’m a bit demotivated coming to the office and dont feel I want to work at all.

Besides telling me to strengthen my network (which I still need to think of how to, coz sometimes it’s a matter of luck of knowing one right person who gives you the chance) and jump, what should I do to increase my motivation to continue working 12+ hours/day for this company, to keep thinking deeper and deeper (which means more energy more effort) to continue performing and hope for a promotion next year?

Please throw some inspiration and practical advices to me! I’ll keep refreshing this page to here your wisdom.

Been there, done that. Have you asked for a bump in pay? It doesn’t hurt. The worst thing they’ll say is no. I feel it would be reasonable and prudent given you’ve assumed a new role and responsibilities.

I asked before I assumed the new role and responsibilities, then boss just said need to test water and still need to learn. Now still same feedback - still need to learn. My ex-colleague’s previous feedbacks from boss were about the same over few years until she quit… Company is having cashflow issue now (and in the next 2-3 years I believe) so don’t think bonus is possible. But I can’t quit now as I have just assumed the role for less than a year and I also value the learning opportunity here. But again, I’m pissed with the pay vs. my effort.

I’m in a dilema now… Or should I just quit for MBA? Still, MBA needs recommendation and my boss hates MBA unless it’s from top10 of the world (!!!). FML.

12+ hrs a day? I doff my cap my man…you’re a hero.

That’s a tough spot to be in. Your immediate boss probably doesn’t have the power to give you a raise and his doing the dirty work by being the messenger for his boss. As long as things don’t turn around financially at the firm, you’re not getting anything. Bonuses go to the top first before trickling down.

Former trader: you are absolutely right. That’s exactly what is happening in my company, my boss doesn’t have the power to give me a raise and even the current CEO (he’s new in the position and has very loose relationship with the Board of Director or Remuneration Director. Don’t think BoD likes him much but previous CEO made big mistake and there’s no better replacement).

Maybe I should join a religion and pray more to calm down myself and/or improve my motivation by telling myself life is just a journey (!)

^ The only way you get a raise is if the people above you get something first. Your bosses get the first slices of the pie.

only way to get a nice raise is to get another job

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts. I feel much better and more motivated now. Basically I can’t control what I can’t control, but I’ll just focus on the things that I can control which are:

  1. Sharpen my core skills and knowledge

  2. Focus on performing my job well without mistake to make sure it’s 4/5+ rating (this boss tends to reduce the score from 4.5 to 3 immediately even if there’s a mistake which doesn’t even cause any loss)

  3. Make it clear that any additional task requested outside my scope (which already covers jobs from 3 departments) would be additional, not part of “expectation for a newbie to help out and around”. Maybe I’ll just refuse if I don’t feel like helping on that

  4. Network for chance!

Ok, my new year resolution is clear now. Sometimes you just need a heart to share or an ear to listen (here in this forum I have no ear but so many eyes to read and many hearts to share :slight_smile:

This too, I thought that was a given.

do what you can to leave. a lot of companies at screwing employees these days and using the “finance jobs at hard to get” card as an excuse.

Conventional wisdom is that you should wait for the other party to make the initial offer in order to get more information to act on. It’s actually much better to make the first offer because you get to set the ‘anchor,’ the figure that affects the trajectory of the negotiation. People who make very high first offers often end up with a much better result. The first offer pulls the other person in its direction, and it’s difficult to adjust the other way.

7 to 8 % ? That’s your definition of happy? Damn we get 3% pay increase per year the champaign bottles are coming out.

We live in a low inflation world where employers have the negotiating power.