Hi, So far I have been able to go over SS 2 / 7 / 8 started 1 & 9 I know I’m behind … and now am begining to panic. I need some motivation … need to know with still 3 months of revision left is it do-able… or am I doomed!!!

You are not alone, I am looking to finish SS 8 tonight. Left out SS 6 for later review (which I should be doing in the next week or so). My original plan was to be done with the readings by the first week of May, and I still think I would be done around then (give or take a day or two). I think 3 weeks of practice exams should be enough. If you manage your time wisely from here till June, then you would be in good shape to take the exam.

you’re fine. you just need to set a plan and stick to it. make your study time really count, and don’t slack off. if it makes you feel any better, I got totally distracted last week and didn’t study once from tues-friday. it’s stuff like that that you can’t let happen, I think.

Thanks guys… I’m feeling better and think i might be able to pull it off…

I felt exactly the same this afternoon after study all day long, i decided to take a break, do shopping, make foods, some of my favorites so now I feel totally relaxed and will have another go before midnight or later ^^ cheers guys !!!