Recently, i have noticed that i really lack motivation. School is on cruise control, and i dont really have to kill myself at a job, and i finding myself questioning my overall motivation that served me so well in the past. I just currently don’t see why would i work very hard or invest into my futher education, if in the end run, i won’t be able to change my lifestile. I really don’t care for any fancy cars or other toys. I just want to have free time, and this would require retiring which is impossible.

Anyone in the same boat? How do you keep yourself motivated?

It’s called a mid life crisis.

sounds like you already lost. it’s time to drop everything, move to Morocco, and become a goat herder

comp_sci, how old are you? If you are still in your 20’s, I would be a bit worried, but if you’re in your 30’s or 40’s, I would say that it is completely normal.

There are also some key questions to ask yourself. Is it physical tiredness, or are you just in a creative drought? If you are older, the decrease in testosterone production may be beginning, robbing you of the youthful zeal you once had. Sometimes what people perceive as “the midlife crisis” or “losing the youthful ambition” is nothing other than a low T count. Look into it if you are concerned.

Otherwise, ask yourself if you have any energy-sapping anxiety anywhere in your life and make a decision to begin, one brick at a time, laying the foundation to target each anxiety and purge yourself of them to the best of your abilities, even if you think that each one is impossible. The main thing is to do a little something each day to progress on each issue (could be related to family, fitness, relationship, a phobia, etc.). But you’ve got to sit down and make yourself a list, and even in the privacy of your own mind, such an act can seem douchey. Just get over it and get it done.

I myself have gone through cycles of being lazy, then all of a sudden, I will become a machine. My wife jokes that 90% of my life progress comes in 10% of my total time spent. There is some truth to that.

I was in the same boat, then I switched firms for a new challenge and I found my motivation again. We’ll see how long it lasts until I’m back in that boat again. Hopefully a few years until I need something new.

Yes, i can say the same 90/10 sounds about right, but right now i am on a prologned “i dont want to do anything but play and read books” draught.

I considerd moving to San Fran, does that count?

I’m in a semi similar position. I was recently, as in a few days ago, handed a fat raise and a “promotion”. I’m doing the same crap, just with a bigger direct deposit payment and supposedly more upside, but still inherently bored. I don’t really give an F, I’m just rolling with it. I’m at the point where I’m content enough to not be actively looking, but if things fall into my lap, all bets are off!

dude… i’m in the same postion. I was even considering taking up some mountaineering… been looking at climbing mnt blanc, delani and ancongua…culminating in everest in 2019…

sounds like you need a life changing experience. ever consider the john muir trail? also there are bunches of hungry kids you could feed

Find more motivating things outside of work, especially activities with social components. Doing some volunteering might be good for the soul.

You just want more time to play DOTA.

lol. one of my buddies from harvard is a 5k mmr in dota. i asked him what motivates him. he said winning against all odds.

Sounds like a bunch of people on here don’t know their ‘why’. As in why are you here? What are you meant to do on this earth? Tough question to answer but asking and honestly trying to answer it is a big first step. Not really something you can think about. More something you have to listen for.

Love! My last bf once accused me of over analysing everything. I can’t help it I’m neurotic. But if I’m over thinking, I only have limited data source. I have to stop thinking and start gathering more info. Otherwise I’m just running over same data and hoping I’d get an answer.

Re: motivation- someone mention it’s scary to lose motivation at 20s and I agree, I just hit 25, I’m afraid of what happens if I don’t keep pushing. It’s not positive motivation, it’s fear that keeps me going. But even then I get so tired. I’m youngest in my work so I get all (ALL) of boring work. Which is fine. But it is so mind-numbing. And then I get home so late, my apt is so bare and uncomfortable because I don’t have time to furnish, no one to cook me dinner and commute is awful because I can’t drive… I hate myself for saything this but I understand why japanese salarymen all get wives. I would love to come home to a beautiful home with dinner ready and hot bath. Instead I eat raw tomatoes :frowning:

I have to admit, my kids really lighten my day up. Every time i come home and i see them smiling, it instantly improves my mood. When i used to live alone, i would frequently go to a local lounge, order food at the bar and just sit there until it closes. Yeah

^^ You allright? Andreas Lubitz was talking the same way.

Too soon

Haha is that to me? I don’t have a car to drive, much less a plane, so yeah.

No I didn’t mean to be so bleak, I have very nice friends et al, I love my family (parents, not kids), I’m just at a quarter-life crisis I suppose. I didn’t realize I was going to actually develop wrinkles.

+100 You in NYC or East coast CSK? Just wondering based on the SFO comment earlier.