Motivational Videos for the last Days

Oh lets start with this gem: Don’t forget to turn your speaker volume up :smiley:

Try this one:

replace phone with book and dial with study and you are in the game. The part not shown in the video will be what I aspire to this saturday night.

lol… the first one is the best… Just do it…

here is a motivation… no more wasting time on videos.

I like the Schwarzenegger one. He never seemed like it, but Schwarzenegger is a genius and a role model. Ok, maybe genius is a little far fetched. Attitude, hard work and pacience. Check this out:

Schwarzenegger one was amazing


Speaking of motivation…try this.

I find the portrayal of our profession in the movie as juvenile, and I sincerely hope you don’t aspire to the same ideals.

Keep that one for Saturdays lunch break, when you think you just messed up the AM session: