I just hiked and dominated mother nature this weekend conqurering Huntington’s Ravine and Mt. Washington. I really enjoy the rock climbing aspect - what other mountains in the NE have good rocks to climb where you dont need ropes / real climbing gear?

Also, on the way down i saw this guy cruising (literally jogging down), i decided to desert my crew and race him down and we had a true sprint to the end. I think i made it down in under an hour - any of you partake in trail running?

Trail running is the only running I do. I’ve got about 10km of very technical ravine trails out my front door, plus a bazillion km within 45 mins of my place. It’s easier on the knees than running on pavement, and helps with core strength and balance if the trails are technical enough. Makes running fun, IMO.

Back when I was young and stupid we used to race some insanely technical trails nearby, like ones with 1500m (4500 foot) descents over 3 or 4km (topping out at 11,000 feet or higher). I’d still run those today, but not as aggressively. Lots of fun.

I combine it with horseback riding:

Geo- my knees are killing me. Jumping feet at a time and landing certainly took a toll on my knees

S - that looks awesome, any chance you are familar with Alltech?

Dude I did Tuckerman’s Ravine in freezing fog to the summit, and it was nasty.

It’s a blast!

What’s Alltech?

That will get better as you get stronger and better with the technical elements. Need to learn how to land properly. You’re using muscles you may never have used before in landing. It will take time to get stronger. My calves and shins are huge compared to a road runner from taking trail running blows. Strength there is key to ankle and foot stability and to shock absorb for the knee.

S - my brother’s gf is big into horse riding and Alltech is the company she works for. I believe they are nutrition providers to horse racing.

DoW - i did the same thing last year, you need to try huntington’s in the summer when there is no snow fall.