Move from Toronto to California for IR job? Exit opps?

So I just completed 2nd round interviews (over phone/skype) with IR company in California. I only have 4 months in finance (ER associate) and have found it very difficult (impossible) to land interviews for research positions. My other options at the moment seem to be back office admin jobs at an investment company (eg. Derivatives Operations Admin etc). This IR role is for a strictly IR boutique (ie. not industry company), and I’d be writing earnings scripts, making presentations/PP slides, writing press releases, networking at road shows, and communicating with sell side analysts/buy side to pitch our clients’ stories, etc. Obviously the opportunity for much more autonomy/responsibility than an admin back office job. It also pays better than any opportunities here in Toronto, and that’s in $USD.

I’ve never even been to California before, but I’m not the type of person married to my current surrounding (some of my best friends are in other cities, and my social network here isn’t all that great to be honest). Obv this is a 2 year minimum type of commitment. Do you think this type of IR job is worth it and would provide me some decent exit opportunities? Assuming I pass CFA L3 next year, would I still be considered down the road for Research/Analyst type roles or does working in IR for any length of time nix those? I just feel I can’t wait around much longer with no job/income and although I’m not 100% “in” on this type of move it seems far better than the alternatives…

If you have no other job, then why not… Your opportunity cost is non existent. It’s not ideal for what you want to do, but 90% of people who want to do finance jobs don’t get the job they envisioned at year zero.

Do you have a working visa for US as well? Surprised that a firm in California is willing to hire someone from Canada and I’m wondering as I’m hoping to make a similar switch

Investor relation? Are you a girl?

Yeah, I suppose the only opportunity cost would be to continue searching here in Toronto (while I work that admin back office job, making less money, but a strictly 9-5 type role) and hope to land something more desirable within the next X amount of months. Whereas moving to Cali and taking this job locks me into this role for at the minimum 6-12 months as it wouldn’t make sense to start from scratch across the world and continue looking for jobs elsewhere, etc.

I don’t, but apparently they’ve taken on a Canadian before, and they haven’t told me that would be an issue.

with only 4 months of ER experience, you shouldn’t be at all surprised you were having trouble getting interviews.

because 1) it’s too little time to really learn the job 2) it gives a negative view that you may not be able to hack it

It shouldn’t for #2, all research associates, IB analysts were laid off at my firm, as well as a ton of those roles across the entire industry at that time (Feb '16).

That being said, I’m not all that surprised, I know how competitive it is, sigh.

We have too many people in California already.

Please don’t move here.

I see, that’s new info. If that’s right, then yes my mistake.

But we can still visit and go to Disney and stuff, right??? smiley smiley smiley

As long as you leave afterward.