Moved to NYC ... [Car Problem]

I am originally from Boston and recently moved to NYC to join an investment firm as an analyst. Work-wise, things have been hectic, fast-paced, overall insane. Exactly, as I envisioned it. Hours are long but so far it’s been enjoyable. My problem, and hopefully people can help me, is that my work schedule is really impacting my “outside” life. By that, I don’t mean my “social” life, which is fine, since my weekends are wide open. What is killing me is that my hours on the weekdays essentially affords me no free time to do routine, mundane things (food shopping, getting checkup [unless its on the weekend], etc). This is in sharp contrast to when I was in Boston, where I get to leave at 6p and things were more flexible. I understand that this workload is quite normal in the frantic city of NYC, one might even say it’s expected. And I don’t mind. Unfortunately, I have somewhat of a problem as it relates to my car. My car and drivers license is registered in Massachusetts. In order to be registered and insured in New York, I have to do a number of things: a. Go to the RMV, which isn’t open on Saturday, M-F 8:30am-5:00pm (hours that I can’t make) b. I have comprehensive insurance, so in order to get comprehensive from a different carrier, I have to go through a full body checklist checkup. Again, the hours are not doable. I apologize for the long winded story. What I would like to ask is: If I do not change over my drivers license and insurance, do I have to pay double state taxes; one for Massachusetts and one for New York? In other words, since state taxes are deducted from my New York pay check, I would pay new york state taxes. But since my driver license is in Massachusetts, I would have to pay Massachusetts Taxes when the calendar year end (tax form)? Thanks, Swtxlady

Sell your car :wink: You don’t need it in NYC. (I loved my car and didn’t want to sell it but it is a bit unreasonable for most in the city). Get groceries delivered to your place and you can have your laundry and dry cleaning picked up / dropped off if that works for you. If you really want to keep the car, can’t you take a long lunch break and knock this stuff out?

Don’t they count taxes where you are resident for the full year? I mean if you worked in Boston for the part of the year you would have to pay for that tax and then file taxes for NYC on the amount of NYC income you worked in the current year. Next year, you would pay all NYC tax assuming you work in NYC all year and not anywhere else.

Unless you are out in Queens or Brooklyn, a car in NY doesn’t really make sense… you are always looking for parking or paying for parking or running out to repark your car when it is street cleaning day. Sell the car or give it to a sibling or friend. Fresh direct delivers, if you absolutely can’t do any grocery shopping. Maybe you have it delivered to your office so you can take it home with you (my GF did that for a while; she had a car and lived in NJ). You may just decide to have one day a week when you decide to work 8 hours instead of 20. Maybe a tuesday or something. Do your personal life stuff then.

you should be happy you found a good job in this poor market – sell the whip, people in the apple walk or take choppers

taxes follow w2s. If you are not earnign income in ma, then they will not expect a tax return, regardless of the address on your license. I know people that still have CA licenses in NYc and don’t bother switch over until the d. license is due to expire. btw, if you earned $$ in ma for part of the year, they will still expect a tax return. car in the city will kill ya. parking on the street is a major headache. parking in a garage is impracticle. bag the car.

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