Movie Pass. Im going to get it. Anyone use it? need thots

quick summary

benefit: watch any movie per day.

con: 90$.year or 9$/month

available for at least 90% of theaters. the one i usually take dates is there.

not really too sure if there are other drawbacks or benefits i am missing. can anyone give me more clarity?

The real question is can you get two so you can use the second pass for your date, or is it locked to someone specifically?

that would be unwise if he were to meet a HCB wife material who questions whether Nerdy is the genuine good man he is or a playa for real, ask his brotha Pharrell

i was talking to the ex for an hr yesterday. i ditched her last week for bottle service when we were suppose to go to movies day off 7 hr before the date time. she was complaining that evertyyime we go out i only want to go to clubs (for grinding purposes, also cheaper than movies) she was saying have you ever partied less, and i talked about the cfa studies when i partied less and i was like sure i can change whenevr i want, then she was like its going to be hard for you to make true change 4eva. we also touched upon religion, when i stopped going to church. very easy. once i had a car, and a job, i pretty much stopped doing what im told. then i talked about how i envied my friend for his bitcoin money. several other yadda yadda topics.

but one key moment she was like you can be a douche sometimes.

i responded with the lyric “I am whatever you say I am”

she laughed like crazy. lol… key here i do use rap references in real life! i also told her about the college crashers story, in which she abruptly said i have to go soon. so obvi she was annoyed with the player shennanigans!