Movies related to investments and economics/finance

someone advice me some movies related to Investment and economics. I have watched few of them and loving them a lot. e.g - too big to fail, barbarians at the gate, margin call, rogue trader etc.

‘The Flaw,’ about the financial crisis, ‘Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,’ and ‘Something Ventured’ are all good (and on Netflix).

Trading Places is a neat little documentary about orange juice futures.

Bolier Room, taught me all I needed to know.

Casino Royale is about a stock shorting scheme. That and testicle whipping.

IMO the best finance movie is Margin Call.

2 French movies worth mention :

  • The sugar : pretty old, with a young Depardieu. Some interesting stuff about commodities speculation and banks bailout.

  • Krach : possibly the worst finance movie in history. So cliché that I was able to anticipate word for word the very first sentence of the movie. Cringeworthy from the first minute to the last, with the exception of the final scene, where the protagonist jumps out of a building with a parachute to escape the SEC, only to crash onto another building and die.

The Wolf of Wall Street

“The merchant of Venice” with Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons.

Though I recommend the book from Shakespeare the movie is quite good. You’ll find a lot of finance in this ancient masterpiece. (Kind of old school margin trade…)

Thanks oscar and viceroy - never heard of the names you recommended. Will check it out over the weekend.

I recommend this collection - your search is over:

I have recently watched “Wall Street Warriors” on Youtube - great! A real life “documentary” with elements from “Trading Places” and “Boiler Room”/“Wolf of Wall Street”. Absolutely amazing, season 2 is shot when the Lehman crash was just unraveling.