Movin to Australia

hey all, planning to apply for immigration australia, anyone here working there? wanted to know what the market is like there…are there currently good job opportunities in capital markets or banking…i have 2.5 yrs of work experience working as equity research analyst and financial analyst in corporte finance, with undergrad in Acccounting and finance…just sat for level 2…what could be my prospects along with the salary bracket? thanks!

whats the reason for the move (and from where)

good luck brotha…not easy to get immigration there and most companies will NOT sponsor you…

Just remember to take your CFAI Level 1 & Level 2 books with you.

goodluck mate :wink:

jrs130 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > good luck brotha…not easy to get immigration > there and most companies will NOT sponsor you… Agreed - but if you can get there it’s a great spot. Sydney is without a doubt my favourite city in the world. Great vibe, great weather, great beaches.

oh for sure, I love it there…I had my chance to move to AUS and I f’ed that up pretty good…ugh

Great move for the lifestyle… poor move for the career. Things there are very slow, but then again its all relative - where are you coming from?

I’ve only ever worked in Australia so I’m not sure how it will compare to your home country. From what I can tell we enjoy a good work-life balance, safe streets, friendly people beaches and a great nightlife. The downside could be lower pay than you are used to, higher taxes, distance from the rest of the world and a not very competitive company atmosphere. I’d recommend you check out,, Australia has fared better than some of our competitors when it comes to financial jobs and the economy. Unemployment is under 6% and with Q1 growth we aren’t technically even in recesssion. However the financial jobs market is exceptionally tight and I would recommend that you tee up a job before coming over as it could easily deteriorate from where it is now. Friends of mine made redundant took 3-4 months to find similar employment. Good luck!

Unless you’re Indian, in which case they just bash your head in! imcoming… Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > From what I can tell we enjoy … safe streets, friendly people…