Moving from Credit Analyst to Fixed Income Analyst??

Hi, I have a career question that I hope some people here can help me with. I am a CFA Charterholder, and like most people, I would prefer to work in the buy-side in the future.

I have received a job offer for a fixed income analyst role, which focuses on investment grade issuers at an international bank within their Treasury department (investing in bonds that meet HQLA requirement). My background has always been corporate credit analyst (but more toward corporate banking)

I am just wondering what are your views about this transition. The new role itself is still dominated by credit analysis but in the fixed income space which I feel like it may be a step closer to buy-side (I may be wrong). And I hope I can eventually get some portfolio management experience once I started to work closely with the portfolio managers.

Working within treasury department is nothing like asset management. I don’t think it will get you anywhere closer to where you want to be but however I think this can be positive experience and I assume the pay would be better.

You say you are a credit analyst, I believe some funds invest in loan formats/private debt type of stuff, you could already try to look at these. Generally speaking I wouldn’t be too positive about a strategy which is moving from job A to job B with the hope of later moving to job C. Shortest way between two points is a straight line.

How old are you and have you done a masters?