Moving on after the CFA Program

For most of us CFA study has hung over us for many years. Every May/June thoughts turned to a particular Saturday, whether or not we were due to sit the exam.

Having taken Level III, and indeed in the lead up to it, its likely we fantasized about the world post-CFA Program. I don’t mean career wise, but having got that ‘Congratulations’ email what then? For me thinking about this provided motivation through the last weeks leading to the exam, and then while waiting for the result I yearned for (and then delightedly followed) a cathartic process where:

  • as soon as the result came I shared the good news and proceeded to get drunk

  • binned practically all of my study materials, especially my notes, formulae lists etc that had felt so valuable and which I kept ‘just in case’

  • removed the curriculum app from all devices

  • applied for membership and paid the USD 400+

  • updated LinkedIn and my CV

I still find I’m temporarily drawn to the ‘CFA porn’ that this site provides, but I’m glad its now just a harmless distraction.

Just curious how others marked their rite of passage?


I know you went to the LevelUp bootcamp. do you know how I know? Your quaotation " CFA Porn". Where you in Omaha this year? I will close shop one CFAI approves my charter.

Nearly - Level Up in Singapore.

However, while I credit Marc with enabling my exam success, the use of the porn suffix predates my meeting him.

For many years reality TV has given rise to property porn, police porn etc

Hey is the CFA useful in Singapore? Seems like almost everyone has it over there…

Sorry no idea, I’m from the UK. It just happened it was the best location for me to attend the boot camp

CFA is definitely valuable in Singapore/Asia. It might seem more common here because the industry is smaller and harder to break into. Therefore people load up on credentials. Last few years CFA has gained value relative to MBA, but these things fluctuate. If you have an MBA from a top flight program, that’s probably still more valuable.

Now that i receive the Charter, I want to move on but I have been on this blog for so long. I don’t know if I will ever be able to Move On :wink: At least I don’t have to go to take this stress ever.

thinking about CAIA tho…but the real question is do i really want to go through it all over again even though we get to skip L1 but a test is still a test and it comes with its own degree of stress and anxiousity.