Moving to a position internally. How would you deal with your current boss?

My brother, who has been at a job in asset management for 1.5 years wants to move to another position internally where he thinks he will learn more and be happier but the question is how should he go about telling his boss that he wants to move? I suggested he should contact the recruiter first to see if you can even get an interview before discussing it with his boss. But then I also have a feeling the recruiter would want to talk about his credentials with his boss before forwarding his resume to the hiring manager. AND if he gets the interview but doesn’t end up getting the position, it could ruin his relationship with his current manager and he would eventually have to move to a different firm and therefore I suggested him to look for a new job at a different firm altogether. What would you guys suggest? Is it safe to contact the recruiter and saying that he will discuss the move with his manager once he gets an interview or asking the recruiter not to contact the manager unless he’s getting an interiview? I just have no faith in those HR people… Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I think the manager will (and should) find out if someone on his/her team is looking to move to a different area of the firm. That being said your bro should be upfront with his manager because it is better to hear it from him that to hear it secondhand. just my .02

if his company is a large company, they will have policies around this. check w/ HR to find out when in the process you notify your current manager.

Is your brother, you? Because that would make things more complicated…

TJR - I agree but what if he tells his manager that he wants to move but doesn’t even get the interview? I have a feeling his manager is not going to take him seriously once he tells him and if he doesnt get the interview (or gets the interview but not the job), he’ll be screwed in my opinion. His boss will know that the kid doesnt like the job and won’t work as hard after which he would probably be better off jumping ships. But yea I agree that the HR will tell his boss. Nola - It is a big company and he sent me an extract from the HR website which says that you should discuss the move with your manager before you go to the interview. This seems kind of vague to me because in my opinion, the HR would want to discuss his performance/credentials with his boss BEFORE they interview him so when is he really suppose to tell his boss?

I’m about to start actively pursuing an internal transfer myself but have the same problem as your “brother” except HR here has a clear policy that requires you inform your current manager you are interviewing with another group. I really don’t understand policies like these. If the old manager is going to lose an employee eventually, wouldn’t the company be better off as a whole if they moved within? It’s cheaper, keeps employees happy and working harder, etc. I guess I don’t have much sympathy for the old manager who loses someone from their group since I’m young and don’t have anyone reporting to me…