Moving to buy side vs Staying on Sell Side

I am working for a bulge bracket firm (sell side), in Rates Product Control Role for past 5 years. Have CFA charter. Considering moving to a business oriented role (trading, portfolio management, quant, risk management types). One scenario could be to try the buy side firms like say BlackRock or PIMCO. What do you think about moving to (if things work out that is) a Account Associate or Risk Associate/Manager role in these buy side firms would be like in terms of future career. * Will, in general, current pay be lower or higher or flat in buy side? * What are the merits and demerits of working in buy side? * What about the future? Is earning potential higher in buy side? * What about exit strategy? How easy is it to return to sell side if I happen to find that buy side is not for me? Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

the only difference between buy side and sell side is that with SS you’re firing blanks with buy side you’re firing real bullets. exit strategy should not be a problem as buy side experience is welcome on SS moreso than SS experience is welcome on buyside, IMO

What makes you think you could get a position at BlockRock/PIMCO for a MO or FO role (even at the associate level)? The sky is the limit on the buyside, but it is in any field if you make it to the top. Do you have more defined goals to help answer the questions? You’ll likely need a top MBA to the move up in any large organization (BB or large buyside). Go where you need to go to help you get admitted.