moving to Texas....

Hi, I am going to move to Texas in a few months, and was wondering how the job market is like for a recent graduate there? I will get my Master in Finance in May, and I am not American. The stimulus package put restriction on banks who received TARP fund in hiring int’l candidates. Does it mean I have to prepare a plan D? Does anyone think there is hope for me to get a job in Texas? Where should I look at? Thanks.

I hear that the job market is pretty stiff here in Dallas, at least on the finance side. I don’t know about other fields. Why are you moving to Texas (as opposed to any other state)?

(Because my husband is going to start his new job in Austin this summer. Ideally I’d also like to find something in and around Austin. But Dallas and houston are acceptable, I think.) For those who work Texas, do you mind sharing what firms you work for and what you do at your job? I’ve been talking to alumni recently, but haven’t made substantial progress yet. Most told me that markets are bad, hiring freezes, hard to get a job, or simply can’t help me, etc. Oh, there was one alumnus who was less negative and told me about USAA, but when i checked the USAA website, it says they don’t hire int’l students. So, can someone please give me some advice on what I should do next ? thanks,

If the job market in Texas is rough I know a certain calendar gig you may be interested in.

haha, brian, you are good sh!t. seriously

Hi rong19, have you tried any of the many foreign companies with offices in Texas? Where are you from?