MPS and study plan

So I completed the first and second schweser mock… I scored approximately 60 and 60.5%. I also completed the CFA mock exam, i scored 65% AM and 63% PM. I am a little bit disappointed with my scores and I am wondering if they are enough to make me pass the exam. In addition, what is the most effective way to go over my mistakes?

Over the next 3 weeks I am going through the econ, FRA, ethics schweser reviews for the second time but I feel like this is not enough. What minimum passing score do I need on a mock to be somewhat certain I will pass the exam?

Thank you in advance to anyone who answers!

I’m going to answer, although I’m a level 1 candidate for December too, because I think it’s pretty obvious and because the question has been asked a million times.

Having such score at the first mock it’s quite normal IMHO because our brain can’t process effectively what we learned during the reading, it’s confusing for him. Doing re-read the last month isn’t a good idea i suggest you to continue doing mock as much as possible.

the best is to buy a Qbank it will highlight your weakness so you can re-read only the area where you really need a re-read

In my opinion there is no better way than practicing, practicing and practicing it will train our brain to process information more quickly

I was struggling with this as well. I found that practice questions over and over help. I realized I need to know more of the Ins and outs of CAL, SML, etc so I will review that text but only in which I really need to read. Its impossible to read everything again. Focus on areas where you struggle and also emphasize the highly concentrated areas of the test.

So I did a new CFA mock and scored 70%… ethics 50%, econ 58.3%, equity 58.3% and derivatives 50%… everything else is above 70%. CAL, SML are actually my strong topics (finance/accounting undergrad). If you have questions feel free to ask.