MPS definately less than 70% have a look

Hey guys, i got this from june L1 results: this guy passed!

Best case scenario, I computed his results giving him the maximum on every topic, he gets 169/240 a 69%

And no bananas for ethics < 70%

Looks like a 67% could be enough, if this can make us any reassured angel

Passed! :slight_smile:

TopicMax Pts70%-

Alternative Investments 8–*-

Corporate Finance20-*–



Equity Investments24–*-

Ethical & Professional Standards36-*–

Financial Reporting & Analysis48–*-

Fixed Income Investments28-*–

Portfolio Management12–*-

Quantitative Methods28–*


But i think with the CFA, it’s a bit unclear. A friend of mine had a better result than the one above but still failed with a band 10 on a december exam.

One thing i played around with is to generate 30,000 randomn numbers between 45% and 90% in excel, assuming these are the lower and upper boundary of the exam scores…I then checked for the 40th percentile score and i still ended up with bloody 70%…If i allow this a plus or minus 2% deviation from this score, we will have an MPS between 68% and 72%.

So, i would expect that those that typically got caught out on the band 10 lorry, are those who scored between 59% and 67%. for those in the upper bound of this group, (i.e 65% and 67%) an ethics adjustment may see them shifted into the pass category.

Obviously, all of that could be BS for all i care. With the high numbers of β€œWhat an easy exam” recorded in the other thread, the MPS could be anywhere between 85% and 95%.

The Irony of this whole thing is that the more others think the exam was really difficult, the better your chances of passing. phew!


Here is my breakdown from June. I was a 10 band fail.

Alternative - * -

Corporate Finance - - *

Derivatives - * -

Economics - * -

Equity Investments - * -

Ethics - * -

FRA - - *

Fixed Income - * -

Portfolio Management - - *

Quant - * -

If you assume I got middle of the pack on each section ala 60 for 50-70 and 85 for over 70 I end up with a 164/240 for an 68.33%. So either the MPS was closer to 70 or the more likely I was a little closer to the bottom edge of a few sections.